Personal Car Insurance Laws for New Residents

If you are new to California, then California Driver Handbook is a great help. It is published by the DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) and provides detailed guidance on registering your car. It also helps with obtaining a California driver’s license and important state rules of the road.

Deductible Waiver in California

If you have collision coverage for your personal car, then you can avail of California Deductible Waiver. With this waiver, even if an uninsured driver is a reason for the accident, you can still receive collision deductible by your insurance company.

Intent to Suspend Registration letter

At times, the insurance on a vehicle cannot be traced by the authorities. If that happens in California, you may receive a letter of intent to cancel your car’s registration. Various factors lead to such a situation where insurance cannot be traced back. This includes incorrect VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) on file, a lapse of insurance coverage in California, or any discrepancy in the information of personal auto that the state of California received.

What’s not covered by homeowners insurance

A standard homeowners insurance doesn’t cover all the issues under the sun. No policy can be that much broad. But, you can always buy separate coverage for the risks which worry you the most IF they don’t come included in the standard policy. This can also help you reduce the price of the homeowners insurance policy.

Cheap Auto Insurance in California

While you are out to purchase an insurance plan for your personal auto, you can lower the cost of auto insurance with few discounts available in the state of California. These include:

Good Driver Discount

This discount is a reward for being good on roads, for driving responsibly. In California, good drivers get an incentive of up to 20% discount on their personal auto insurance. This is, of course, subject to the fulfillment of certain criteria, such as:

  • A three years verifiable license experience, OR
  • Has experience of the United States or Canada for recent 1.5 years
  • Has not been convicted in the last 10 years for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or other felony convictions.
  • Has a maximum one DMV point in the last three years.

DMV assigns a point for a vehicle code violation or a “principally at-fault” accident (which has not resulted in an injury or death).

California Student Discount

In California, if you are a teen, then you can qualify for a Student Discount. The criteria to secure this discount Is:

  • The driving experience of up to eight years
  • An enrolled student 
  • Obtains at least a grade B.

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